Abdul Rahman Al-Qaoud & Partners Office – Chartered Accountants

The office was established in 1983 under No. (25/A) in the State of Kuwait for the purpose of practicing the profession of auditing and consulting in accordance with the rules of conduct and professional ethics.

In January 2007, the office joined the membership of a global group specialized in the field of auditing and law, and it has members and offices in five continents

MSI Global Alliance Legal & Accounting Firm Indepent

The office joined the Capital Markets Authority in 2013 and was also accredited by the Ministry of Finance (Tax Administration).

Our services

External Audit

Review and conduct auditing performing in accordance with the international auditing standards.

Internal Audit

For all types of companies and cooperative societies.

Tax Advisory

Preparing and reviewing tax statements for companies and individuals.


Assessments of the assets and conditions of companies, schools, real estate, shares of partners, funds and investment portfolios.


Arbitration is the path that the litigants choose in the disputes arising or the choice of the path that replaces them.

Judicial Services

Judicial custody, Liquidators (judicial liquidator – legal liquidator), Bankruptcy (bankruptcy manager), and an accounting expert.

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Abdul Rahman Al-Qaoud & Partners Office