Dispute Resolution

We have technical experience in this field for many years, as many cases have been implemented through our assignment by the court because we are bound by the arbitrators’ tables in the Judicial Arbitration Department at the Ministry of Justice, or we are appointed by companies and people directly.

About the Arbitration:

  • Arbitration is the method chosen by the litigants to settle the disputes arising or that may arise between them, by choosing an arbitrator to decide their disputes.
  • It is permissible to agree to arbitrate in a specific dispute, and it is also permissible to agree on arbitration in all disputes that arise from the implementation of a specific contract.
  • The arbitrator shall, within a maximum of thirty days from accepting the arbitration, notify the litigants of the date and place of the first session set for examining the dispute, without being bound by the rules established in this law for the announcement. On time.

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