Mr. Counselor / Prof. Dr. Wael Ibrahim Al-Rashed

He holds a PhD in Accounting and Taxation in 1988 from Hull University in the United Kingdom and is currently an Assistant Professor at Kuwait University, Department of Accounting. In addition to publishing in more than 26 Arab and international magazines, he has a variety of publications in the fields of accounting, public finance, computer and accounting systems, as well as publications in the field of administrative sciences, feasibility studies and project evaluation, where he participated in more than 37 local and international feasibility studies projects. He held several positions in research, academic and financial institutions in the State of Kuwait, and he also supervised many master’s and doctoral theses in the field of accounting.

Mr. Counselor / Dr. Ahmed Abdul Razzaq Al Shaheen

He holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Birmingham in England in 1993 – an MBA from Claremont Center in the USA in 1982 – and a MBA from Dallas University in the USA in 1977 – and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kuwait University in 1972.
He also held the position of an economic and administrative researcher, a consultant in various agencies, and a lecturer at the College of Business Studies.

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