External Audit

Audit, Review and Compilation

On test bases we exam to carry out our audit and revision, we examine the evidence that supports the amounts discloses in the financial statements, the audit also assesses the accounts principles followed by the entities to prepare the financial statement, and evaluate the estimates made by the management, as well as the internal control system and audit.
Moreover, our mission is to conduct a periodic examination of the client’s accounts in a number of visits according to the volume of transactions. At the end of the year, the clients’ final financial statements are examined for expressing an independent professional opinion about them. This examination is usually carried out in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing issued by the International Federation of Accountants. That will conclude to a report on the deficit or weakness in the internal control system or accounting procedures and any irregularities or accounting errors that we may notice during our examination.
To achieve high quality report we hire highly skilled financial consultants who are professionally qualified to enhance quality and presentation.

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