Internal Audit

For all types of companies

We offer outsourced internal audit and internal control tools reviews services. As well as corporate governance review as required by regulatory bodies, also we conduct other special services. Internal audit is one of the necessary procedures that must be implemented in all types of companies and cooperative societies, especially those that have large cash flows.
In order to maintain the workflow that we conduct in accordance with international standards of internal auditing and within legal limits and ensure the employees do their work properly and according to the company’s internal system, also the management is provided with monthly reports. It also helps to detect any defect or deficiencies in the internal control system or in the event of any manipulation of accounts and limits deviations, frauds, and potential thefts. Through the internal audit process, we are providing recommendations of proactive and suitable solutions that fit your needs. We will drive management to implement enhanced preventive and detective controls We will highlight high-risk areas to your business, both in the short and long term. Bearing in mind following up all concurred recommendations.

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