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We have a wide experience in this field for many years because of our assignment by the High Court (as an accounting expert within the table of experts in the court) or by companies and people because of our extensive experience in this field and we have implemented many of these tasks.

Judicial Custody

A case for judicial custody is filed by the person concerned submitting to the competent court a request for judicial receivership. A judicial receiver is appointed over the disputed money, whether real estate or movables, and the disputed money and movables are placed under the hands of the judicial receiver and shall be preserved until the end of the dispute, and that the receiver is fully responsible for These funds are distributed among the disputants.

Liquidators (judicial liquidator – legal liquidator)

Liquidation means ending the company’s business, fulfilling the company’s rights and paying its debts, and the rest is divided between the company according to what is stipulated in the company’s contract. If the company’s contract is devoid of the provisions of liquidation, the provisions contained in the Companies Law must be followed.
The judicial liquidator is appointed by the court, but the legal liquidator is appointed by agreement between the company in the minutes of the meeting or the convening of the general assembly.
The liquidator shall be fully responsible for the liquidation works, and he may not start new business for the company except what is necessary to complete previous works, and he shall convert the company’s assets (movable or real estate) into cash by selling by auction.

Bankruptcy (Bankruptcy Manager)

The bankruptcy administrator is the person appointed by the court that issued the judgment declaring the merchant’s bankruptcy to manage the bankruptcy funds.
As a result of the judgment declaring bankruptcy, and from the date of its issuance, the bankrupt abandons the bankruptcy manager to manage all his money, including the money that accrues to him while he is in a state of bankruptcy.

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We have experts to attend sessions with accounting experts for accounts closing and report preparation.

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